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ED Hell
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It is my view that there is a strong correlation between spirituality and sexuality.  In my view due to the shaming of sexuality I received growing up in a strong Catholic background, it impacted on my sexuality.  However as I delved more into my spirituality, the more comfortable I became with my sexuality.
I have a lot of spiritual beliefs, some of which I will go into here.  Personally I have moved away from the religeous upbringing, as it no longer fits my needs, and it is a lot more fun discovering my own beliefs, rather than believing what I was lead to believe.  For instance, I do not believe in hell, other than the hell which we create in this life.  For me, the spiritual being of my choosing (this can be God, a Higher Power etc) is about love, and for me that is the most important thing.
Having undertaking training in Reiki, it has strengthened my own beliefs, as I not only belief in the spirits around us, but can sense them more readily too, whether that is when I am receiving a Reiki treatment, or through self treatment.  The colours I can see are amazing.  However I found early on in my Reiki training, that the most important thing was to remain grounded, as it is important for me to live in this world and in this life, rather than transcending above my body (no exaggeration here).  Also the protection techniques I have learned through Reiki are invaluable, as when in an environment where I am picking up on someone's negative energy I can now visualise certain colours and symbols to keep the energy at bay. 
I have found crystals to be an added invaluable tool, in my day to day life.  As well as the rose quartz I carry, I usually have a selection of various crystals to help me in the course of my day.  I can guarantee that the rose quartz has certainly worked.  Not too long after starting to wear it, did I meet someone I am now dating.  The rose quartz is the stone of love - it opens up the heart to love, and brings love your way.  This, in my view, is more than a mere coincidence.