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ED Hell
Finding Your True Self
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Finding Your True Self

Recovery is about finding your true self.  By that, I mean finding things that bring you satisfaction.  Finding out what things (hobbies) bring you enjoyment, finding out what you want out of life.
Some hobbies that I have found beneficial are:
  • Listening to music, but I tend to listen mostly to mellow songs
  • Reading, but sadly this is so difficult for me at the moment - I do find it hard to focus on the task in hand - I think I find it hard to just sit with myself, and be
  • Photography, I have found photography to be so therapeutic for me
  • Exercise, is slowly starting to become pleasurable.  It was never one of my methods of compensation, but as my previous therapist told me, that I do need to tread carefully, as anything can become a trigger, once you have the susceptability.

I will update this as time and recovery progresses.  Be sure to check back again.