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ED Hell
Pro ED Sites
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Pro ED Sites

I felt that it was important for me to right something on the subject of the pro ed sites that exist in cyber space today.  Please remember these are just my view points on the matter.  Feel free to e-mail me with your opion on the matter, even if you do disagree.  At the end of the day, we are all individual, so our opinions and values are not going to always tally with one another.

During my recovery I found the internet to be a great salvation however, I must stress that it is up to each and every individual to make constructive decisions as to what we hope to gain from the internet.  Are the websites constructive to us and our recovery, or are they trying to show that living life by the rules of eating distress is the only way.  I know myself that I found great salavation from the internet, however as most people are aware, there are many pro ed sites out there.  Some sites may on the outset, appear to be harmless, but when you browse deeper through them they  are far from helpful.  There is one site that I used to go to for unproductive reasons however, over the past couple fo years I have ventured back to that website and actually read the information contained therein.  The information within the site is excellent, but the pictures are what took away from the aim of the website.

I would encourage each individual, if they are going to websites in order to get triggered, or for ways to stay in the eating disorder, to try and challenge themselves.  Fair enough, we all find ourselves in websites accidentally from time to time.  Can we turn this around and perhaps, do something constructive - write to the webmaster or the search engine, and express your views on the website.  If a friend told you that they were going to pro ed websites, what would your reaction be?  Would you encourage or discourage them to continue doing so?

I feel very vehemently on this subject.  I am by no means, an angel as I, like many people ventured towards these sites in the past.  I however, still found myself back then (and even still) shocked and appalled that people create sites to encourage people to stay in the condition.  I know that during my worst times I felt as if I was in a black hole, and there is no way that I would wish that on my worst enemy.  It is up to us to question why people create such sites.  I would challenge anyone who ventures towards these sites to act pro-actively, let the webmasters etc know that you do not agree with their actions.

That is all I will say on the subject for now, but please, make the right decision for you and your recovery.  Remember we are all here to support each other, and hence, this is a pro-recovery site.