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ED Hell
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One of the many effects of having eating distress is depression.  I used to  hate admitting that I used to feel depressed, because of everything that comes with it.  But which came first, the eating distress or the depression?  The answer to that I honestly do not know.  .
I started off not having any interest in my usual social outlets (the gym being the first, I have always enjoyed exercise), then started pushing my friends away, isolating myself.  None of my hobbies held any comfort for me, for example, I have always been an avid reader - it came to a point where even reading was difficult.  I just could not focus on the task in hand.   Just the mere task of getting out of bed in the mornings used to be so difficult.  Even  at weekends, I had a tendancy to stay in bed for longer than I should.  Also, putting on make-up, washing and styling my hair - all these every day tasks were quite difficult for me to do.  At times, I just didn't care!
Feeling wise, I just felt dead and empty, just like a shell really.
Many people who are depressed (eating disordered or not) do take medication, to help them get through this rough patch, but I do not.  Basically, because I prefer to get through things on my own.  If I have a headache, or toothache for example, I will just suffer on without taking anything.  Besides, my belief is that would be treating the effect and not the cause.  They work for some yes, I agree, but at the end of the day the choice is yours.
There were times, however, where it felt so tempting to go to my gp, and ask her for something, anything to get me through the rough patch.  I am now glad that did not allow myself do that. At the times I felt that way, my belief was that by doing so would be like admitting defeat, I hence feeling like a failure.  This wouldn't have been the case, as medicatoin is beneficial for some people.  The problem tends to lie when people are over-medicated.
For anyone considering mediction, my advice would be to go firstly, by your gut instinct, and secondly, ask the advice of your gp and cousellor, or anyone else that would have some knowledge on this.