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ED Hell
Self Care
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Self Care

Self care is such an important area in regards to recovery.  It took me a long time to accept that it was up to me to look after my own needs.  I now look forward to my weekly bubbly bath - for years I hated them, as I used to feel so self conscious etc., however that has now changed, and I love just soaking there amongst the bubbles, and allowing myself to daydream, or unwind, or even singing in my own way.
Recently I went for my first ever massage, and even though I was anxious about it beforehand, it was so beneficial, and can't wait to go back.
Also, I love going down to the beach, as I live so close to the sea, and listening to the sound of the wind, the birds and the sea.  I find the sounds of the beach to be so relaxing.
Also, partaking in hobbies is another form of self care.  For me I am so passionate about dance - I love going to dance shows, and dance classes, of all varieties.  I see dance as an expression of what is going on internally, and I will be having my moment of fame shortly, where I will be performing my own choreography in front of a group of people - it is both exciting and daunting, but I am ready to embrace that challenge.  Even though art is not a forte of mine, I do enjoy it - I find it to be very relaxing.
My advice for anyone embarking on their own journey, not to be afraid to try anything new.  Just because you don't feel that you are good at something, don't be afraid of trying it - I find that it is not the ability that matters, but more the enjoyment of it.  By letting go of having to be the best, I have discovered things that I love, and also, those that I don't.  I tried out a pottery class when I was first embarking on my own recovery, and it really was not for me!  I am glad that I tried it, but not something I would be keen to try again.
Happy discovery........