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ED Hell
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Below you will find music that I have found have helped me in my quest for recovery.  

Stripped by Christina Aquilera
This album I could identify only too well with.  Even though Christina was singing about her own personal life experiences, I could relate my eating distress to the words she used in her songs.  I could not help but feel for Christina in this ablum, and her strength is quite evident too - not only by the lyrics, but the music and the strength from her voice.  She truly sings from the heart.
Sweeter Than Chocolate by Laurie Daily
This is a compilation of music, written and produced by Laurie Daily herself.  The music is based on her own recovery.  The lyrics rang so true for me.  One of the lines from one of her songs "even a blind man can tell, when he is walking in the sun", for me, spoke volumes.  Overall, I found her album to be inspirational.
Sean-Nos Nua by Sinead O'Connor
A compilation of Irish ballads.  I am no Sinead O'Connor fan, but I loved this album.  You can hear from Sinead's voice, how she put her heart and soul into this album.  It is rippling with emotion - like an undercurrent, if you like.  You can hear from her voice the intensity of emotion that she put into this compilation.  I would most definitely recomment this album.  Irish ballads are part of our culture afterall...