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ED Hell
My Writings 2
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My Writings Part II

The Meaning of Life
I wander along the path
Wandering aimlessly
As I kick the fallen leaves on my way
And hear them crunching
From underneath my feet
I look up in sheer amazement
Looking up at the trees
All around me
As the forest becomes ablaze
Ablaze with the colours of autumn
Red and gold, orange and brown
It is the time of year again
When the leaves come alive for me
The changing colours
Are what aid to show me the meaning of life
The meaning of my existence.
The Pathway of Life
Today as I trudge along
I am full of so many thoughts
Thoughts of what once was
And thoughts of what is yet to be
Today as I trudge along
I am offered a glimmer of hope
As I see a sparkle of light shining through
I grab onto this hope
With such intensity and fear
Fear of losing this hope
And now believe that I know the way back
But yet, am at a loss of where that is
I trudge further into the light
With hope of finding the answer
The cloud over my head seems to have gone
And I find myself wondering
What if....
Living Life
Today I embrace life
Of all its uncertainties and quandaries
Which offer me lessons
Yet to be learnt
Though I may feel uneasy
This is what will bring me further
On my path
Life today is full
Of both exciting times
And challenges too
Which aid me to become
The person I am meant to be
Embracing The Light Within
Today I embrace the world
Of all its gifts and moments
Even the turbulent times
Offer me a lesson to learn
I remain true to who I am
Regardless of others reactions
Yes, it bothers me some
But at the end of the day
I am responsible for one person only
And that person being me!
Around the corner
Are so many lessons yet to be learnt
Exciting and daunting
But freeing nonetheless
I embrace the person I have become
I embrace the light within
The light which had been extinguished
But is now back, and here to stay!
Living a life which is free
Free of doubts and anxieties
Free from living up to other's expectations
And just being me
The freedom to dance this merry dance
Of what I call life
The freedom to breath
The freedom to feel such lightness
The freedom to dance to a merry tune
The freedom to hear music
Even when there is none
And just to be
Freedom is a privilege for all
But yet few choose to grab hold of
I have chosen this freedom
And continue to embrace it everyday
It has shown me
What a privilege it is
A privilege to breath
A privilege to sing and dance
But most of all
What a privilege it is to feel
To be alive and free
Today I stand tall
As I know I am free
Free as a bird
Free from my past life

Today I am proud
Proud of where I have come from
Proud for making my way back
And glad that I did

Today I embrace life
With the awe of a young child
Today brings new challenges
To pull me further on my path

I go forward
Knowing that I amy stumble as I do
But know that I will make my way back
And continue on my path
Today I continue to evolve
Into the person I am meant to be
I embrace the challenges
That further enhance
The person I am to become

Challenges are what make me strong
Challenges are what offer me
Something to learn
Challenges are what help me
To continually change and grow
And embrace me

I feel uncertain
During these times
But know that I can make it through
I have managed before
So know that I can do it again
To continue to grow and evolve

From now till the day I die
I know and accept
That this journey is never ending
And that it will only stop when I die
Or maybe even then
It will continue to evolve
I dance to the sound of the music in my head
I dance to the beat of what I feel
I dance my way to freedom
As it's through dance
When I truly come alive
Dancing allows me so much freedom
To really feel connected within
Dacing is part of who I am
Whether I am freely dancing the rainbow
Or just attuning to my inner self
Dancing is love and freedom combined
Freedom to move within my own body
Also loving my own body
Through the art and grace of it's movements
For me dancing says it all
The Faery Dance
I dance among the faeries
And drink up their magical powers
In the hope
That someday I too will be
The owner of such powers
Powers of empathy and wisdom, fun and laughter
Powers of mischievousness too
I dance underneath the faery dust
At night, I am part of a very magical world
I dance in the moons rays
And gather up the moon dust
With wonder of what this will bring
On the leaf I sleep
Gazing up at the wonder of this new world
This world which is now mine
Gazing up at the stars and the moon
I wonder with sheer amazement
What on earth did I, a mere earthling
Do to deserve this wonderful gift
For it is such a privilege
To be part of this ethereal world
All poems above are the work of the author this website, and under copyright law are prohibited from being reproduced without the consent of the author.  Copyright 2006.