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ED Hell
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Personally, what sexuality is all about has been one of the main reasons why the ed developed in the first inst.  I have had so much confusion surrounding my sexuality for many years, and it's only over the past few years that I have begun to really address it.  Prior to that, I was so scared of finding out who i was and  am, that I ran away from facing this head on.  It was an aspect of my journey, which I found difficult, but knew if I couldn't move beyond facing it, I would remain in the ed for all eternity.  When I say confusion surrounding my sexuality, it's not just orientation - I'm still in the dark, in some aspects, in relation to how my body works. 

Growing up, sexuality was something that was not discussed.  In the Irish culture, there is so much shame surrounding our bodies and sexuality.  Since I started addressing this, a lot of my body image concerns have lifted.  It has been a hard journey, but yet, a worthwhile one!  Coming to any foregone conclusion about who I am is not what matters, as it has been fun learning more and more about who I am!!!

I would certainly advice caution to tell others that this is one aspect of yourself that you are exploring, as it has been my experience, that people tend to be a bit quick of the mark to jump to assumptions.  However, if people cannot accept that this is something that you are exploring, and in your own time too, that just means that they are not comfortable with their own sexuality.  One aspect of sexuality is about loving your own body - this can be done through getting a massage, having a bath etc.  Even though these may seem to be simple things to do, they are what help us to accept our sensual side.

Also, I feel very strongly about the fact that our sense of style is indirectly (though sometimes directly) related to our sexuality.  By wearing clothes that you are comfortable in, it does show - for so long I lived in tracksuits etc, that I was denying this part of my identity.

I feel sexuality can be a mindfield at times, but as human beings, we are also sexual beings.  I am now at an age in my life, where I know I want kids, and this can be an unpleasant place to be in, as I am still single (but not necessarily looking), and how am I supposed to procreate without a "little" help from the other side!?! 

My own personal belief, as regards to sexual orientation, is that it is not as simple as feeling attracted to one gender over another.  I believe that, though many will deny it, many of us as human beings, are attracted to both genders, on some level.  I do believe that most people will have a preference for one gender over another, but who is to say that if the right person came along, who is the opposite of someone's preference, that they would not at least be attracted to that person on some level.  I find it difficult to accept that it is as black and white as either/or.  These are just my views, and mine alone - it is ok if you do not agree with them, but I thought it might provide some food for thought...