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ED Hell
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Acceptance is an ongoing process in recovery, on many different levels.  Accepting that recovery will take as long as it needs, and not expecting a miracle; accepting that we cannot, nor should we expect to be able to control others and/or situations; accepting where we are in regards to our own individual journeys. 
I know for me, accepting where I am/have been has sometimes proved challenging.  At various stages, I found myself comparing myself to where others were, and not feeling good enough, or not feeling as if I could measure up.  I now accept that despite the strides I have made to be where I am today, life is not perfect, and there will always be some challenge to be faced. 
I did find one of the most difficult challenges were for me, when it came around to starting to finalise my recovery, and what it meant for me.  One day I would feel that I was recovered, but the next I would be rejecting it.  Acceptance is something which comes up at various stages during the recovery process, but learning to accept where I am/was has been rewarding in itself.