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ED Hell
Advice For Sufferers
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  • Admit that you have a problem - even if only to yourself.  Even if all you can admit is that what you do is not "normal", that in itself is a huge achievement
  • Tell someone - start off by telling someone you trust.  I found that telling a friend was the best place to start
  • Find a support group (if there is one) in your area.  I have found the support group I attend to be great, even if it did take me 6 months before I plucked up enough courage to go
  • Go to your doctor, they are there to help look after you medically (I know how scary that can be)
  • Don't be ashamed and embarrassed - there is nothing to be ashamed and embarrassed about (I still have a lot of work to do on this one)
  • Find a counsellor, preferably someone with expertise in the area of eating disorders
  • Try not to push your friends away - even if they do not know about the eating disorder just knowing that they are there is nice
  • You deserve more than the eating disorder is giving you - you deserve to go out and enjoy life