ED Hell
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Hi, my name for anonymity purposes on this site, will be "Irish Amethyst".  The purpose of this website is to highlight the hell of what living with eating distress is like.  I suffered with food and/or body image issues on/off  since I was 14, for quite a number of years.  Not something I would wish on my worst enemy!
I am hoping that this site will provide encouragement to other sufferers, but also to highlight the dangers involved, because sadly, in light of technology today, too many people are using websites to look for tips etc.  That is not my intention! 
Also, while you read through the various segments of this site, please bear in mind that I am speaking from my own personal experience(s), so that not everything that is here will apply to all who suffer with food issues. 
Today, I am glad to be able to sit year, and finally declare myself recoverED.  I truly believe it is possible for each and every individual - it is not an easy journey, but definitely a most worthwhile one!
I hope you enjoy the site, and find it beneficial in some way.  Don't forget to sign my guestbook and let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy reading!
Please feel free to e-mail me at: irishamethyst41@hotmail.com with any suggestions, comments or anything. 
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Disclaimer: Please note that I have no control, whatsoever, over any of the ads that appear on this website.  If, for any reason, you find them offensive in any way, I apologise.  Please tread carefully when following any links that may appear on this website (or any other website for that matter).  Remember you are the important person here, please look after yourselves, and make the right decision for you.